Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Democracy and Me

Regardless of the fabric, it's fitness and style, or the thickness of the makeup;
We see through the mist of it all.
Also, deceptive countenances, we're most weary of.
Too many friendliness, I might just judge by the cover, to dispel any doubt.

Assimilating all laws, pacts and treaties, while remaining attractive.
Most aware of the gravity of failure, vis-a-vis the smile generating on their faces.
Aligning all paths in one, whether Frank Lucas' or Sean carters'.
I repeat, as long as the outcome is income, like Adenuga and his sit-coms.

Sweaty palms, salty-fluid dripping faces. The radius and ulnar bones serve as face wipe.
Stinky hairy armpit gestures perceived face up.
Torn denim hanging on multi-cobbler signature boots.

Thoughts of mouth full of gold to address the holes, fade with every passing FEC meeting. Candid thought spilling flow without cajole. More cautious that an ex-con on parole.

Every inch of the journey will be televised; no fear, no favors.
Anticipating steady collision with misery's allies. Accustomed to severe pain, how much more can you punish me?

Near death situations characterize our living.
Mere death insinuating, fails to arise my fear feeling.
Waking up to bullet sounds and government molestation describe our plight.
Daily mourning and lamentation over our lives and vegetations draw gloom on our cheeks.

Specs of dust raised by boots of soldiers invading our kingdoms and shelters, settle on our eyes, body, slippers and feet. Laying witness to slavery, and black cruelty upon black.

Govmicide is the case where the government undertake to expose it's people to all manners of danger, desertion and death.
It's not about looking, it's seeing proportionately.
Too much of one thing lacks federal character.

Let it soak in, like soKlin on your dirty linen.

Vest my energy on all that comes, as long as the outcome is income, with emphasis on lump sums.
Bright colors, our new favorites to charge the energy points.
Latin classes our new hangouts.

Ibo boy from the southern south with an in on everything.
Big shoutout to God for life; shoutout life for lessons learned in and out of classes.

The task is go out and get rich. No excuses, as for one, difficulty takes a day, and impossible takes a week.
Just start it in your sleep, and wake up to her reality.

What do you know about going out, heading North. Its central.
Place of rest of all the best. Not trying to be the best, but just to pitch a tent right next to their nests.
Abuja precisely, trying to live it out, sorrow behind me, seat recline.
I just arrived at my time.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016


it's almost over, it's easing up, the face of the journey isn't frowning any longer,
my shoe heels affirm prints aren't hard on the soil much fiercely;
am feeling lighter.
ten kilograms. my feet are signalling they are up another mile.

i hear victory bells in a distance. am sure they are ringing for me.
my heart says so. my body awaits human glory, my soul hopes a new story.

time, slowly, but surely intends well for all it accommodates.

a walk with time will reveal everything occurs within it; a clock it's symbol,
within, there is space, distance, enough to premise all thought, plan, action.
enough to see a dream transform into reality. enough time to allow Princess
Fiona be an Ogre and back.

why do you say it's almost over? when there is indeed no end.
if this end is but another start, then in a broader sense, it is one stretch of
time broken down into periods advanced all within time.

in this ageless time i lost faith in her cos she lost faith in herself,
her faith was all we had, we are faithless now. that's why we went down,
see we've lost our crown. the roof is blown off, my guilt has met light.
your shame has broke loose. we were certain we will be caught.

in this ageless time no one is too old to school, so if there is anything
worth speech's while, i guess it's best served finger burning.
been cool is a tool also used by fools.

nice beginnings adorned with unhappy endings.
tales of omila and distrust gather in the air like thick clouds of smoke.
ex-jokes currently provoke, genital parts of loved ones served roast
by hosts dressed in purple robes for toast.
no Love but dashed hopes.

in this ageless time, drones fly higher than kites made of cardboard paper
and threads; spies for Western clients; desire of the mind to increase knowledge.

Amebo designed in laboratories intended as sight to where legs cannot carry,
and color of passport cannot enter. aided by richly blessed science,
our lives are monitored over our raffia roofs. look at the sky for proof.

in this ageless time, the elderly have become void of solution,
clueless as their sheep.
tutorship is now regardless of time spent.
knowledge currently reside in the air, regardless of hot or cold.
Public school graduate also went on to win award.
it is now a skin-less affair. brother has become cousin,
cousin relegated to friend. just ambition, too in a hurry to utter sorry.

sh*t is real here, first to wake will wear the belt; first to touch is the rule.
sighs a day, minimum, seven. last words of the day, 'e go beta!'
even small ear can hear great news in this ageless time.

time a concept of existence; a revolving earth ensures it's importance.
a front-line mate of plan, if nicely aligned,
can allow a thought life. too deep to decipher,
guise by a clock, the manner wealth is guise by money.

money, medium of exchange of goods or for discharge of obligation.
erroneous fount of man's joy.

it is just one long journey, regardless of athlete. it is also called life; starts
from inside the tummy, continues till when water burst, and cord cut. then it is till
breath ceases.
foul after foul, leaf after leaf, person after person, generation after another,
all within one stretch of time.

i lost faith in myself, then the world lost faith in me,
my hope of faith laid in her. she lost faith in herself
worried the world had lost faith in me.
our faith has fallen, dollar has further risen.
we are no more. so we look to the world
but realize a faithless world. then we look to God.

Monday, 9 May 2016


it is intended to be a talk, like a lecture. permit me.

the words are escaping, i am trying to hold them all on a notepad,
like catching butterflies in a plastic can.

the universality, size and intense dynamism of this abode, earth,
is such that best-creature man can view through dual visual.
one is the visual that aide your looking at me on this podium, those two that meet mine as i speak.
the other ladies and gentlemen, is your mind's eye that walk these sentences with me.

thus, the device you are using, the paint on the walls in your room, the fence around your compound,
this beautiful auditorium can really be the farthest your eyes can see; however, the eyes inside,
with which the mind sees has translucent effect,
seeing through dresses, looking across continents.
that's that eye that allows a Mexican see himself as an American President.
it is that room inside your head with a camera fixed atop, that records every action just
the way you would.
that eye that inspired that man can join birds and enjoy air's space.

that eye is called DREAM.

it will interest you to note ladies and gentlemen, that this eye is calmly planted and clothed within the body,
inside every individual;
brunet or grey, evil or kind, every one.

desire in the context of man's insatiability can also be a direct consequence of that eye.
it sees what it does not posses, however, been controlled by the individual in whom it is planted,
desires that which it saw, then propels the rest of the proponents to collect that which it saw and desired
regardless of standards in some instances, especially those instances or their relation that prompted this lecture.

that eye is our focus.

to what extent will man gather, then feel need to retire due to been totally satisfied?
or what measurement of collection can be termed enough? i would have asked Solomon, then we realized the
answer is 'breath'
conservatives call it 'life'. for as long as man has air supply, an idea lives.

therefore, achieving one's purpose is key in one's adornment of existence.
there is a certain something that releases in the body when one succeeds towards a target.
immediately there are witnesses of expressions such as "thank God oh!", "Okpe oh!", "Nice one"

we insist worry is a result of desire for increase or fear of decrease. therefore worry/desire, success
is where we are trying to arrive at this talk.

now that we have landed, and, in a bid to achieve reasonable quantum of success, we as humans set goals,
place targets, make plans, consult professionals and elderly quacks, and then hope.

if i may ask the audience, or rather permit me to ask us,
how fast do we travel? at what speed do i drive to my dreams?
do i drive pass reasonable standard?
do i make wrong turns at morality?
do i break speed limits of patience?
seventy-seven times seven times. all to arrive at our dreams.

most times i mistake the means to the end with the end in itself.

transport is not enough, you risk it; secretary said oga is outta town,
you are mad. why didn't you chill till monday, plan through the weekend with the little peanuts;
wait for the next bus, front seat.

RUSH can be defined as inadequacy of thought-time, it is also a consequence of desire. a process where
decision making is reached within three seconds; well, its for the early two, the third is for assembling
like a Peugeot plant, the rest of the body's components towards the new agenda .

rush can also have one pushed to fall in, and standing alone in a dry well, where your self cannot help.
where heaven drifts further away, where you hear the sound of your echo reechoing O.Y.O.
that's that "don't go further or get smashed like a bi**h" sh*t, like that Saraki sh*t.

there would be no Easter if Joseph had disobeyed. "yo joe, you and fam scram!!!"
to Egypt he fled. that's that 'there is time for everything move', even time to slow down,
and time to stop. wait a second or two, or maybe a week or more.
that is when counsel be like "i will ask for a short date", okay an adjournment of the journey.
those Catholics and their priests call theirs retreat.

that eye, ladies and gentlemen, sees both measurable and immeasurable heights, if there exists immeasurable heights,
all as achievable heights, certain that desire will proffer the way, while mother-earth will determine the how thereby
disregarding caution, eventually when unchecked and blinded by the stars and very bright glamorous lights that our
dreams carry in our minds then step foot in quick sand and sink. ambition is good, timing is key.

most importantly, set your sight on the trophy; not the beer, but that Ranieri and his lads saw.
i bet that thing that releases when an achievement is recorded has released multiple times.

that thing also releases and is felt when you resign to fate.
there abound peace in accepted and non-contested defeat also.
it is in that peace that we determine whether it is the Black Album or a 2015 Nigerian general election.
there is honor in resignation.

thank you for your audience.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

RedEyeDiary. Vol II

It’s hard to admit, but misery still flourishes in my time. Nature and Government have both refused to co-operate or at least show a sign. The past months have been bleeding; forcefully, thought has deepened. Imagine my black pair of shoe, my black suit too have developed some sluggish for me; I feel so in my mind. They wear a sad look whenever I have them on. Upon them my eyes gaze for a moment with my head tilted facedown after been told no employer after employer. Lol, my attire feel it’s their fault am turned down; they are moody too. Thereby, diminishing my shine and impact in other spheres of life; re-evaluating me against my will, reducing my confidence and cravings.

I lost three relationships last year, 2014; more sadly one the year before, 2013. Most of them black. Skinny, wide shoulders, just tall like I would. The oldest thirty-three; crazy girl, after her meal there is need for septrin. All their problems were the same, it only had a different approach; feminine reason has evolved, they demand half the consideration in advance, or they seek in plain words void of any ambiguity a statement in lieu of the said consideration; failure would construe or most likely translate into stingy or broke depending on the context; right then her hearts reopens to other bidders (home or abroad, online or facee) as prospective merchandise.

Hennessy, eight thousand; what of her wine, and then the mixers? Or should I suggest beer? How can, in a club, besides it’s our anniversary. I hear the laughter of my adversaries. Okay! Thirteen thousand Nigerian naira about to leave my wallet, calmly about to make it’s way to this girl in white shirt, and a funny bowtie all for a four-hour loud music, body rubbing and emission of sweat session. We agree it’s worth all the while. Ama burst a rubber-band just for a smile with mine. We also agree that the satisfaction of the moment will replicate several subsequent times. I’ll care less about the post-chill catastrophe; the tears and the tissues. We’ll endure each and every single issue.

The bulb in the common-room is faulty, she’s been faulty about six months; well, that’s long I have moved into this hostel. But really who cares? Electricity won’t come anyway; why destroy the spider’s web? Funny how these old folks keep recycling themselves in public office. Shameless dads risking hell for an eight letter laughable word POLITICS. The past administration kept on eluding me, till I lost sight of a bright ladder they kept. How then can I climb to the top or at least out of this pit? This box-trolls-type existence has got me tripping. Lower than the earth crust seems really low. My 3GB memory is full, I got a lot on my mind, I need these grass burning; my thighs are clapping, I need this calm am yearning.

Watched my beard grow so as to get my Arab on, all in a bid to mingle with these white folks. I heard their dollars is still top, and still in circulation, means I can get me some. Pimpin aint easy! Moreso, Lagos is no joke. School fees on the rise like fuel price in the south-east; need for two kids arise. Naira is as clueless in the world stage like the Military in the north-east; hence their morale demise. The far Chinese negotiate for the generators and the rechargeable lanterns, generous we, with utmost gratitude negotiate the funds, provide the inmates, and accommodate the sub-standards. ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR THE GOVERNMENT & PEOPLE OF NIGERIA

‘give us our daily bread’ on repeat. Less instead of more is seen with the eyes, need to doubt divine promises arise. See faith running north, in it’s place dark clouds stay. Tear drops dripping down a grown up’s face like he owns Barbie. Palms wet but active drying up tears working like a traffic warden. Hurt so glaring cobbams can see. However, to God’s glory it’s not noticed from afar, guess because I spilled it all in a jar; a green one. First name Shame, last name Less. Long walks to nowhere, no good looks to attract our visual senses, nothing brings fear, never known care, none-the-less our pride we secretly held near, save for moments we could not but cry. Oh dear!
The preacher says ‘do no worrying, rather trust in Thou above’ why then exist the capacity to worry? We guess it’s something to do. How can a poor preacher argue the Creator brings wealth? How can refusal to worry fused with attracting desire indemnify this despair and if it pleases, rebuild this torn out soul, or at least replace these lost hours in whole?

‘give us more life’ on repeat. Less instead of more is seen with the eyes, need to doubt divine promises arise, yet we desist from all acts and omissions that offend the Creator. We murmur, still we refuse loyalty to an imitator. Sundays, we shall; weekdays, we may. Up and doing we declare been soldiers of a cause. ‘bring in the wandering ones’ is the new designation. For once there is life, there is hope. A dead Cardinal cannot make Pope. Oya! Off the stool I go, I’d rather spread cloths with this rope.

Monday, 26 January 2015

One Vote

One Vote

I pledge my support to a PDP led continuation of government next month. For the purpose of this support in form of an article, we stand for the truth, with the best known information available to us. Our main source of reason is common sense.

Other than history, why power is in the hands of this man Jonathan I cannot tell from this room, however what is correct is that recent history tell us a bunch of elderly men (wealthy men) from across Nigeria sat, and decided to allow authority to General Olusegun Obasanjo in 1999.

The General won and became the first ever to be a PDP national leader. Invariably meant he put a look on the face of “PDP” as an entity or an institution. The founders of the Party are however some notable Nigerians, but the commander-in-chief was General Obasanjo. He gave PDP a look, wore her first dress, henceforth PDP became what he willed; disobedient, oppressive, and annihilated the opposition. Olu Falae is barely in the prints. What next?

The General turned to within PDP and tore it apart, fought his vice with the might of his office, at this point there was Baba’s camp and V.P’s camp. Everybody knew whose camp all the juice was. At this stage there was hate and envy springing up everywhere. Full stop…

Now there was change of power, hands turned, likewise there was transfer of love & hate to successors of offices; adding up with processes of election/selection/appointment of The General’s immediate successor in office, President Yar’adua, his death and subsequent assumption of office by President Jonathan who then inherited all the hatred of a reduced “northern term” in power, with other issues that flow naturally as a result of succession.

The opposition is wealthy, they have access to front pages also, so they make a mountain out of trash, and sell such to us that are
fully settled in ignorance.

Boko Haram:
Your dailies have said it all, however I think it’s difficult to stop somebody who wants to kill himself, you are sending soldiers to kill able bodied young men and ladies who have resolved to die, all they are talking about is where and when; the how is a loud sound. What should the President do?

Nobody is seeing all those new electricity distribution cable points been erected as you travel across the states; how many planes do we have? or you were sleeping in the bus, or you were afraid of an accident you didn’t notice. But I guess you notice Onitsha-Abuja is almost dual carriage. Before I left a greater part of Victoria-Island was been wired, new electric poles are visible and workers are on ground. Ibusa-Asaba road is currently witnessing similar visible installation of distribution line projects.

It isn’t as if the opposition would not work, they may, but changing government is not advisable at this point, a new government will revoke all these contracts and projects, it will stall progress which is in itself slow to arrive at.

All those nepa transformers that blew up when we were growing up, that were never fixed nor replaced, what do you think happened? Is it President Jonathan that was the directors who raised invoices for repair/maintenance and proceeds channeled to pay school fees of some of our friends abroad, was that Goodluck Jonathan or his privy?

I have not felt any fresh air, at all, but I refuse to believe fresh air is far. Do not throw away the baby with the bath water, He didn’t cause PDP like this, he inherited it. Vote right.

Thank You.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

that's dat word!

Bros, lock-up, these streets and the people running them are mean; and they have targeted us. Their accuracy is 19. They just respond once and continue moving, nothing like 'how is your studies' anymore; even before you talk, they'll say 'you know these children just resumed'

But who can blame them, things are generally hard, and frowning. Man has done too much bad things that God can just allow things to be hard; straight, and just allow due process. nothing like miracle. because i think after this world, there will not be another world. Everything will just end, God will just free because present man has disappointed God deeply. During Noah, God started again, but this time i doubt; human being has really committed; as in, Lucifer is on a steady 'wow' as he is seeing man's doings.

God now reduced age after much fore-sight. no more 400 years or all those long years alive, nothing like that again. Imagine all the wicked things a person does before 40 years, then you add another 500 years for that person; then there will be no more bad things to do again.

We need deliverance in this our dear Nigeria, we need strong people to intercede and pray for hustle to set, and for times to smile. People that can hold the news from above; holy people. Because if angel should appear before me to instruct me not to fear, to lead the youth; before he says 'do not be afraid' i don run, problem go de if he re-appears at the door; because from there na faint. Straight. 'which kind light be dat?'

Or bros, maybe we need to live above the cloud; that powder-blue substance might just be hiding the sun then we feel darkness is prevailing. Finally, it's best to hold faith in God, and never settle for less; as for one, difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week. Just start it in your sleep.

Thank You


OBI MGBUKA (shattered heart)

Just when it's time to pen down stuff about you thoughts escape my head into the air, like oxygen through my depleted lungs, this further hallows my mind.
All of a sudden everywhere is quiet, severe loneliness, i can hear my thought; cemetery silence. There's no more talking in my head, and when there is, there's no reply.
All the smile on my face i have to force them, it's stopped forming naturally.

I wish i hadn't threw in the flag, i wish i kept lying i was fine. There was some joy in that despair. This state is harsh for my body to bear. Regardless how i hard i close my eyes, there your image is in front of my heart; like there is another eye that sees you clear inside.
The greatest pain in hell is the soul's inability to love, it's same here when love is not returned. As i write to ease the hurt, i realize the abysmal depth of the cut. The more i write, the more dynamic pain.
Evidently Mother nature put you in the advantaged end, without mercy in your dispensing of judgement as grave misery greet my soul; the harshness in your tone, the coldness in your eyes, your hastiness to say no. Sadly, not a reason of yours is cogent.

Eastern Nigerian girl, in sour ruins you leave me, over my shadowed, deflated self you provide more umbrella shade which permanently relegates me further away from light and plunged into sinking darkness.
Princess Fiona ndi Igbo, animated facial beauty, body used as prescription, for you i have gone mad and back, and i ask 'why was this type of passion made attached to womanhood?, why does sad feelings last long?' glass cuts sure don't feel this way. How can time heal pain, when day after day it seems like spraying cologne on fresh wound on that Okada exhaust pipe patch area.

Negative vibrations i constantly release, negative effects cloud my life's experience. Just get ready for punishment, because you have killed me.

Oh tears! kuku fall let me rest, my chest is full.